Buta grew up in the Bronx borough of New York City and saw first-hand the inequities of the legal system. Her decision to become a lawyer was always with the intent to “change the world for the better.”  Based on her character, training and successes, in 2006, she was honored to be appointed as a Substitute Judge for the 20th Judicial District. During her eleven years of service, she presided over hundreds of criminal and civil cases.

As Commonwealth’s Attorney, Buta will ensure that justice is being served fairly. For Buta, as a resident of Loudoun, safety is paramount.  Consequences should be just and appropriate with a  focus on community. As Commonwealth’s Attorney, she will ensure that the actions of the Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ office represent the values of the community.

Buta is proud to be endorsed by CASA, and believes that ALL of Loudoun deserves equal treatment under the law.

A key part of justice is opportunity, and Buta is committed to making sure all of Loudoun County has an equal opportunity, including her staff. Currently, the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office does not reflect the demographics of our community. Buta would assist with the recruitment of minorities for positions of political engagement, company leadership, educational instructors, and law enforcement.