Integrity has been a guiding principle in Buta Biberaj’s personal and professional life, and she will do what’s right to be a good steward of public funds and public trust.  Since 1993, Buta has maintained a successful legal practice in Leesburg.  Prior to being an attorney, she worked with Costco and was part of a team that was responsible for over 200 employees, sales in excess of $150 million, and data for the whole warehouse.  Buta’s business experience give her a perspective on the value of resources and how to best invest and be fiscally accountable.  Buta has always been blessed to be chosen to serve in positions of trust.  She was elected to serve as Loudoun County Bar president in 2014, served as a Guardian Ad Litem for children and the elderly for over 23 years, and was appointed to serve as a substitute judge in 2006 and reappointed in 2012 (each for a six-year term). Buta resigned from her appointment in 2017 so that she could engage in political activities.  Buta announced her candidacy for Commonwealth’s Attorney in 2018.

Buta understands that the criminal justice system is based on trust.  If the community trusts the system, we are safer.  However, when victims are afraid to report crimes because they don’t trust that the police will fairly and thoroughly investigate or that prosecutors won’t hear them when they speak; or when witnesses are not informed to appear in court, our community is not safe.  When prosecutors don’t charge the right person, or overcharge someone in order to force a plea or threaten to stack charges to force a plea, our community is not safe.  Buta will change the culture of the Commonwealth Attorney’s office so that JUSTICE is always paramount and that integrity is always preserved so that WE all feel SAFE!