Buta’s is committed to serving the whole community, and has been actively involved. She co-founded the Street Law Program, has served as a mentor for the Leadership in Law program, speaker and mentor for the Loudoun County Public Schools on Law Day, and is on the Board of Directors of the non-profit corporation A Advantage 4 Kids, Inc., an organization benefiting Northern Virginia families and children. She has also served as Loudoun NAACP Legal Redress Chairwoman.

Buta has seen firsthand how economic and racial inequalities are created and reinforced by the criminal justice system – from how charges are selected, bond is determined, pleas are offered, and sentencing is argued.

Buta plans to end the school to prison pipeline by embracing the relationship between the schools, the community and the court system to create diversion opportunities. We must keep school disciplinary issues within the school system and not funneled them into the courts system.

Mass incarceration is not the way to solve society’s problems. Justice means appropriate charges for crimes, and prevention and meaningful investment in our communities.