Washington Post Endorses Buta

October 4, 2019

“THE PROSECUTOR has more control over life, liberty and reputation than any other person in America. His discretion is tremendous.” Those words from then-Attorney General (and later Supreme Court Justice) Robert Jackson nearly 80 years ago underscore the importance of the choices Northern Virginia voters will make in the upcoming contests for commonwealth attorneys.”

“Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman is leaving the office he has held since 2003 to go on the bench. Vying to replace him are his chief deputy, Nicole Wittmann (R), and veteran local attorney Buta Biberaj (D), whom we endorse.”

“Ms. Wittmann is a skilled prosecutor, but the office — and the citizens it serves — would benefit from a fresh approach that reflects concerns about overcriminalization, overincarceration and racial disparities. Ms. Biberaj, who has practiced law in Loudoun for more than 25 years and served as a substitute judge in the county courthouse, knows the county well. Her robust agenda includes ending cash bail, providing more supports for victims and tackling the school-to-prison pipeline through partnerships with schools, community officials and business leaders. These are critical elections. The deadline to register to vote is Oct 15.”

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