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Meet Buta

Buta is the most qualified candidate, leading with compassion and common-sense solutions. She will vigorously prosecute violent crime to keep us safe. For low-level offenses, she will advocate for community-based solutions to rehabilitate offenders and keep families and communities intact. She is a 23-year resident of Dulles and her law firm has been located in Leesburg since 1993. During her eleven years of service as a substitute judge, she presided over hundreds of criminal and civil cases. She will do the hard work of balancing safety and inclusiveness with the effective use of resources, so each person receives appropriate consequences and treatment under the law.

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The Right Priorities

Kids sometimes make mistakes.  Addressing children in the school system rather than referring them to the courts is best for our community.  Buta will work with the schools and police to keep school discipline issues in school so every child can learn.

Buta has seen the racial disparities in charging and sentencing people of color. As Commonwealth Attorney, she will use data collection and analysis to support a safe community with justice for all.

High cash bails keep people not convicted of crimes locked away from their families, their jobs, and their communities. Waiting behind bars for trial causes lasting harm. Buta will scrutinize every case to make just bail recommendations, and where appropriate advocate for no requirement of bail.

Victims of crime need support. Buta will continue to advocate for county and state programs that help victims become whole before, during, and after their cases.

Mental health and drug addiction are community issues and should not be addressed solely in the courts. As part of a prevention program, Buta will work with county service providers to address these challenges before law enforcement and the courts need to get involved. Buta will advocate for treatment in cases where these individuals become involved with the courts.