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Meet Buta

Buta is the most qualified candidate, leading with compassion and common sense solutions. Prosecuting violent crimes to keep us safe is her priority. She is a 23 year resident of Dulles and her law firm has been located in Leesburg since 1993. During her eleven years of service as a substitute judge, she presided over hundreds of criminal and civil cases. She will do the hard work of balancing safety and inclusiveness with the effective use of resources, so each person receives appropriate consequences and treatment under the law.

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The Right Priorities

Buta Will:

  • Provide treatment, support, and resources to victims
  • Work with our youth to keep them out of the criminal justice system
  • Engage the community and ensure better use of taxpayer dollars in smart and transparent ways
  • Fight economic and racial biases and inequalities in bonds, pleas, and sentencing.